Creating a community around an outdoor movie experience



To understand and design a solution that will create a community around a cheaper movie experience.


Research, Systems Thinking,

Visual Design, Prototyping, Sketching



Individual Project


3 Months

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop


Movie theatre attendance is declining from year to year. While blockbusters still gather a lot of audiences, other movies are not getting the attraction wanted. Viewers prefer waiting to watch them on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Movie theatres have been trying to invite people back to the theatre by making the experience more comfortable with reclining chairs and using more advanced technology and ticket deals. However, these solutions are temporary and will not fix the problem in the long run.

Research Question



I started my research with an initial "how might we?" question.

How might we bring people back to the movie theatre?

Version 1

Understanding the current market situation. 
- Desk Research
- Movie Theatre Observation
Understanding movie watchers' pain-points.
- Interviews
- Movie Theatre Observation
- Socia;l Media Prompts
Understanding what interests them in the experience.
- Interviews
- Movie Theatre Observation
- Socia;l Media Prompts


The Overall Experience
Viewers feel that the experience is too expensive.

“Since I am a student, I have to reconsider my savings every time I go to the movies. Because of the ticket price, transportation, popcorn, 3D glasses…”

While Watching the Movie
Viewers like to experience parallel reactions from the audience while watching.

“If it’s a sad movie and it makes me cry, I like to look around see other audience members crying as well”

The Enviorment
Viewers feel they don’t want to be stuck inside in the dark.

“I get bored sitting inside in the dark especially when it is so nice outside”

After Watching the Movie
Viewers want to have discussions about the movies after they have watched them.

“I love judging the movie with my friends. I wish I could share my thoughts with more people and hear theirs ”


The user’s movie-going experience journey is divided into 3 parts:

Pre-movie theatre, Movie theatre, and Post-movie theatre.


 After conducting my interviews, I realized that throughout this journey, it is an accumulation of elements, rather than a single aspect, which discourages users to go back to the movies. 



I initially started my research with the first "how might we?" version. Based on the research, I realized that the goal is not only to bring people to the movie theatre. The goal should be to provide them with an experience that fits their needs but also keeps the experience of watching a movie with an audience alive.

My new "how might we?" became:

Version 2

How might we create a movie-watching experience that creates a movie community while reducing expenses?

And the user journey sections shifted to:

Pre-movie experience, Movie Experience & Post-movie experience.


Reducing expenses to increase attendance.
Creating a community to make the audience feel they are part of the experience
Combining the movie-watching experience with the user's environment.


For movie watchers who are losing interest in going to the movie theatre: 

We are offering a cheaper alternative movie experience that will build a movie community and connect the viewers to their environment.



Using these principles, I started with an initial idea of creating an outdoor movie experience, that would allow combining movie watching with the viewers’ environment.

But I also knew that I needed to respond to the other needs the users had. 

How to make the experience more affordable? 

How to build a movie-watching community?

After sketching out some ideas I created wireframes that I tested with some users. I got feedback on features, flow, and copyright.

After testing I created a final user flow



Buy a Movie Ticket

Users can pick between watching recent movies or “comeback movies” to give them access to movies they watch on streaming services but with the perks of watching them on a big screen and with an audience. 

After reading all the details about the movie and choosing to buy a ticket, they can pre-order food (to increase convenience) or they can decide to skip and bring their own food (to make it more affordable).

To create a movie community and to help people meet other movie watchers with similar movie taste, there will be an event page with weekly themed movies, for example, Disney Week, or Halloween Week. Users can see the details about the event and what movies are being played. If they decide to buy tickets, they can do so for one or more movies played during that week.

Go to a Movie Event

To give the users the feeling that they are part of this experience and they have control, there will be a weekly Viewer’s Choice Night where users can vote for the movie they want to watch. If the movie they voted for gets selected, they will get a discount or a promotion to go watch it.

Viewer's Choice

To increase discussions around movies, users will have access to a movie forum where they can access and participate in different discussions about the movies they have already watched. This restriction is to push them to watch more movies but also, and based on user feedback, to avoid spoilers.

Movie Forum